Liverpool, Man City on key points ahead of decisive championship game 

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Liverpool, Man City on key points ahead of decisive championship game English Premier League This weekend. Reported from UFABET

Football fans probably already know that the champion. English Premier League Must come to decide in the final game on Sunday night May 22 at 10 PM. Where 2 teams with a chance like Liverpool and Manchester City will compete at the same time. With both pairs playing in the Reds home. Will welcome the visit of Wolverhampton Wanderers and Blues will open the Etihad home against Aston Villa.

Conditions for winning the championship of both teams

Manchester City seem to have the advantage of leading the table with one point more points than second-placed Liverpool but having a goal difference of more than six, so they must beat Aston Villa to win the title straight away. without paying attention to the results of other pairs But if a draw or loss must be expected for the Reds to not win against Wolverhampton Wanderers as well

Liverpool, of course, had no choice but to beat Wolves in one place. Because the draw was not enough to allow them to overtake due to the goal difference being inferior. And also have to win the Blues, do not beat Aston Villa only

Executives with trophies…

Ahead of the game, it was reported that Premier League chief executive. Richard Masters will be waiting to watch the game. At the Etihad Stadium’s VIP box with the trophy in preparation for a handover to Man. Chester City, in the event that they beat the Lion King in this game. As for the game at Anfield, the team has a second plan if Liverpool overtake as the champion. By bringing the replica cup to be station at Merseyside. However After the final whistle. Whether real or fake, only one club will be able to touch and lift the league trophy this 2021/22 season.

Everyone’s talking about Gerrard.

Although there is no interest in whoever wins the title. It is undeniable that Steven Gerrard has emerge as one of the key characters to play a role in deciding the title this season. The queue must lead Aston Villa’s team to visit the Etihad Stadium. The home of Manchester City in the final game. 

Of course, the Lion Army alone has no chance of winning anything else. Just competing according to the program to finish as planned. Therefore, in fact, they will play supportively while switching to use some backup players, it wouldn’t be strange. But with the spirit, including the bond with Liverpool. When he was a player. Stewie G may decide to order the team to play big. Do everything possible to share points from the Blues in this game.

forecast before the game

Liverpool side will face Wolverhampton. With the latter’s worst performance without winning in six games, it would not be a difficult task to get three points unless Klopp decides to rotate the players to keep them in the U.S. FA Champions League But to be able to do it, it must also be said that it is extremely difficult to hope for the Reds to overtake Manchester City to win the championship in the end because even though the Blues partisans Just stumbled, but the overall performance is still superior to rivals such as Aston Villa in many areas. The only possibility would be to rely on a miracle from Steven Gerrard to allow his team to break their form against the gods. Man City’s fervor can last all 90 minutes, but have to admit that given the current factors, there is a chance Pep Guardiola’s Man City will lift the trophy again. The likelihood is actually much higher.