Chelsea 1-1 Leicester City: collecting issues after the Premier League game

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Chelsea 1-1 Leicester City: collecting issues. After the Premier League game, the Siamese Foxes invaded the Blues. Report from UFABET

1. Leicester charter a bus

Pictures of the game throughout the 90 minutes. It must be said that it was Chelsea’s side. That almost folded the field to attack on one side. Since start of the game. Leicester falling back to defend low and waiting for an opportunity to counter. Which was the excellence of James Maddison. Who shot a beautiful long distance for the visitors to take the lead first. Which after taking the lead. Rodgers packs in the back of the house with almost no holes to penetrate. 

That makes most of the Blues’ attacks mostly from long shots. But then in the end. Alonso relie on a quick stroke to reach the home team’s equalizer. After navy blue lion Will try to dominate the ball to attack hard. But it is quite difficult enter the last area. Until the end with a 1-1 draw with a chance to shoot up to 20 times. While Siamese Fox shot only 2 times throughout the game

2. Sing the Blues with the most wasted opportunity

It’s sympathetic that today Leicester come to play in hopes of having a point in hand. That makes most of the home’s attacks from long shots. It wasn’t a difficult task for a stalwart like Kasper Schmeichel. However Chelsea had been able to create several opportunities to do so. 

But stuck with the same problem. That was the last moment. That was not sharp enough. Both Lukaku’s heady strike, Havertz’s heavy shot, and most importantly. Pulisic’s quick charge shot out in an eye-catching way. It is therefore not surprising. That these problems have play a key role in keeping Chelsea from reaching their dreams in this difficult season.

3. Guaranteed 3rd place

One point today took Chelsea to 71 points. Three points clear of fourth-placed Tottenham Hotspur. With one game left in the final. But the goal difference between. The Blues and the Golden Spikes Chicken is 18 goals apart. So it is quite certain that Spurs. Despite scoring in the last match. But would not able to bombard Norwich City to the size of 18-0 for sure. Which makes navy blue lion Can guarantee the 3rd place in this season for sure 99.99%