What is a straight three-digit lottery, and why does everyone dream?

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What is a straight three-digit lottery, and why does everyone dream?

Lottery is a form of gambling. That uses luck and the science of numbers, superstitions, dreams and beliefs to analyze and predict numbers through various fortune-telling textbooks in order to obtain the desired reward, whether it is a government. Underground, Stock, Laos , Vietnamand Yi Ki. That are available to play more than 80 rounds per day. 1 of the numbers that people tend to dream of and want from winning the most is the three-digit lottery. Exactly because it is the number with the highest payout rate among. Online games , If not counting the case of the government. Go to ทางเข้า UFABET

Payout Rates, Straight Three Lottery and Other Prizes

The number one popular lottery is the government. or that is the government. Or in short, the lottery. It is a popular lottery. Because there are only people who want to win the 1st prize of the government. Because there are prizes up to 6 million baht. While the last 3 digits and the 3 front digits have a payout rate of 4,000 baht, while the last 2 digits of the prize have a payout rate of only 2,000 baht per prize, although many people risk it. Good luck but it’s use to win 1st prize easily. Well, it’s only the last 2 digits of the prize.

The underground lottery is the hope of all fans. Because you do not have to win up to 6 numbers in the lottery, you can create a prize money of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands. When buying straight three numbers by relying on the results of the lottery 1st prize, just as it can be. to be profitable With an underground payout rate of up to 600-650 baht per baht,

If compare to buying only 1 lottery ticket for 80 baht. Winning straight three numbers, you will get a profit of up to 48,000 – 52,000 baht. If compare to the lower three numbers. That the government has already paid, it is considered to give more prizes. While the bottom two numbers and the top. If they are correct. They will receive a prize money of up to 5,200 baht. Which is still more than the prize money of the government lottery. So people are very popular to play underground.

Online lottery is one of that is gaining popularity right now. Because there is a payout rate according to the package that the player is determined For example, if you don’t want a discount in playing the lottery The payout rate for the last three numbers is up to 800-900 baht per baht, which if you win a three-digit online at a price of 80 baht. Equal to the price, you will receive a prize money of up to 64,000 – 72,000 baht. Which is considered It gives a lot of returns. Because online does not require someone to help sell or send messages. Players can sign up for the best online website in the country. Just like this, You can win the almost every day.

Checking the three-digit straight from the government.

Newbies who are intereste in gambling with straight three-digit. In addition to how to buytickets, we also teach you how to play online. Have fun every day In addition. Newbies need to know how to check the lottery as well. Because many people may be confuse as to. Which three are upright and two on the bottom. Today we will explain it as follows.

From the picture, the 1st circle is the last 3 digits of the upper number. That bring hundreds, tens, and unit digits of the first prize government to be use as a three-digit. That is 4-4-6 while the top two numbers will use Take out the tens digit. Unit digit of the first prize as well, that’s 4-6.

Circle number 2 is the bottom two numbers. is to bring out the result of the last two numbers, which is 7-7

Circle number 3 is the bottom three numbers. That brings the results of the last three numbers, spin the 2nd time, comes out as the bottom three numbers, that is 6-6-1