What is 0-0.5 football betting? How to see it?

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What is 0-0.5 football betting? How to see it?

In the football betting industry, there are technical terms or terms that are only known within the industry, such as half-half-half-half-half-half- ball etc. Of course, people who have just heard these terms for the first time may not understand. 

The more I listened, the more I wondered what these words meant. And the more it is a number like 0-0.5, the more I don’t understand. In this article, there are details about football betting odds, why there are odds and what do these terms mean? Going to learn the tricks of UFABET

How to read and win conditions

In general matches, the odds will start from 0-0.5 or draw. The teams on both sides are very close in skill and therefore the odds are a draw. But the nature of the competition is that one side is superior and the odds are need to be fair in the bets. The greater the difference between the teams that are face.

The higher the odds numbers will be. In general, We can observe teams in red. (In the case of betting on the web) and the underlined team (In the case of bets on the card) is the team that is against But how much and what conditions will the players receive the prize money from the various odds? It can be studied from the following topics.

Popular ball prices 0.5

Most of the competitions in football have odds. That are often seen 0-0.5. Which are quite popular odds. Especially ball odds 0.5 are often seen in different leagues. Because the competition will Bringing teams with similar abilities to compete with each other infrequently when the odds are over from 0-0.5.

  • 1.5 or (1.50) (1-1/2) pronounced as a half-breed
    • Bets on the team must win 2 or more goals to get full, win 1 goal away or draw or lose in full
    • stab the team to get the ball Win or draw and lose by 1 goal in full, lose more than this.