Explain the working program of the fruit slot machine.

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Explain the working program of the fruit slot machine.

  • game character

As for the fruit slot game, there is nothing complicated. That are multipliers. There will be a picture of fruit directe. If any one is issue. The prize will calculate immediately by the format of playing fruit slots. There will be 5 reels. Details are as follows. Go to ทางเข้า UFABET

  1. The credit window will have a total of 3 channels, each with details as follows.
    Credit is the amount of credit limit or amount of credit a player has.
    Wager refers to the amount wagered per spin.
    Winning amount is credit that a player can award by spinning the wheel.
  2. The number of pay lines or the form of payment. That pay lines the game. Lucky fruit has a payout rate of 40 paylines or 40 lines itself.
  3. A bet is the number of credits that the player. Chooses to be able to adjust. The reels and increase the number of paylines.
  4. The spin menu is that the system. Choose for player press either manually automatically.
  5. deposit rate per credit Refers to placing money per spin 1 time from the picture seen, 1 rotation will cost only 0.01 baht. That means 1 satang can be rotate 1 round.

How to play lucky fruit cabinet slots

The way playing slots the same other game general. Only the player chooses the money-to-credit ratio. If you want a large limit, put money according to the amount played. If you play less, put less here, which is 0.01 baht per 1 credit. Bet, you can choose how many credits you want to bet in the example is 1 credit. How many times to press all.