5 Dragon slots game, real giveaway with optional free spins.

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5 Dragon slots game, real giveaway with optional free spins. Going to learn the tricks of UFABET

Introducing the 5 Dragon Slot Game

Today, I will introduce the face of the game 5 Dragons Slot or 5 Dragons Slot. Which is an online slot game that has a play style of 5 reels, 3 rows, with symbols focusing on talismans from China such as dragons, ladybugs, and golden peacocks. lions, goldfish and other symbols generally such as letters and numbers

The game
in this window contains the information of playing the 5 Dragon Slot game , which explains the menu briefly as follows.

  • Credit is the part that shows details of various credits. It can be divide into 3 parts
    . Credit is the amount of credit that the player has
    bet. It is the amount of credit that will use to bet per 1 slot spin.
    The winning amount is the amount of credit the player can have. Profitable or rewarded
  • Bet is the part. Where credit is put in order to want to know. How much the player wants to bet per spin. The bet must be in accordance with the payout pattern here. 1 credit can made as a payout pattern. Get a total of 1 payline, if you want 30 paylines, you need to credit 30 credits, etc.
  • Play menu is a menu to start pressing to spin the wheel of online slots games.
  • Credit to real money ratio is the ratio that the game determines how many credits the player will play. Here, 0.01 baht is equal to 1 credit, if the player wants to spin 30 times, they pay only 30 satang.
  • Setup menu and description This menu explains the game, how to play, mute and unmute, and explains the game’s winning details.

How to Play 5 Dragon Slots and Payouts

5 Dragon slots game is like any online slots game in general, only the player chooses the amount of credit and money they want to wager, just as they can spin the reels. by pressing the rotary button Which will have details to play as follows.

  • Bet is how much the player will bet per spin.
  • wheel spin pattern It will rotate manually or automatically. In which if it is a manual spin, it will only spin once per credit, while if it spins 20 times, it will have to put 20 credits, etc.
  • credit to real money rate If the player spins a total of 3 times. It equals 3 credits. If the credit value is set at 0.01, it equals 0.03 baht, etc.