Who said jeans can only be paired with sneakers.

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Jeans have never disappeared from the fashion industry. Of course, there are classic jeans. Including various designs that is always being developed Among the jeans, there are many shapes and styles to choose from. Whether it’s a skinny style, a boy style, a straight -leg style, a cropped style, or a baggy style in the looser style that’s currently popular. Each style of jeans has a different identity.  Let’s prove there are many types of shoes that go well with wearing different styles of jeans. That will make dressing more fun and stylish. ( Paired )

Try looking for a pair of your favorite jeans at to mix and match your shoes. Change your dressing style each day to have fun. Try new styles that you’ve never worn before. Guarantee that your life will definitely be more colorful.

canvas shoes

Starting with the classic pair of sneakers that can be paired with jeans of almost any style. Most importantly, it’s still comfortable to wear. Can be used in many ways Gives you a casual and stylish look perfectly. Suitable for everyday wear. Plus, sneakers come in endless designs and colors to choose from. This makes them easy to pair with different styles of jeans, such as standard sneakers that go with any style of jeans. Or if you want to show off the high-top design Highly recommended for pairing with jumper, cropped, boyfriend, or skinny jeans.  Report by ยูฟ่าเบท


Boots are another popular choice for wearing with jeans. Because boots will add elegance and elevate any casual outfit to a more outstanding style. There are many different types of boots, such as Chelsea boots, combat boots, ankle boots, shin boots, and cowboy boots. Each style of boot can be worn with both skinny and wide-legged jeans. If you want an eye-catching look, you can also tuck the cuffs of your jeans inside to show off your beautiful pair of boots to everyone.

Ballet style flats

Flat shoes designed to resemble ballet shoes. It’s another type of shoe with a cute design that can be used for many occasions. and can style various styles of clothing Of course, including pairing with jeans that go well with skinny jeans, straight jeans, or even short jeans.  Create a chic, unique look. In addition, the shoes are easy to wear, comfortable, and lightweight. Most importantly, ballet shoes come in many colors and details to match with different styles. joyfully This is the perfect pair for everyday wear without getting bored.


Loafers with a contemporary classic shape They come in a variety of materials, such as leather or suede. They are easy to wear, slip-on , and have a more elegant and sophisticated look compared to sneakers. This makes it suitable for both casual and semi-formal occasions. It is another type of shoe that goes flawlessly with jeans. They go well with both straight and wide-legged jeans. Whether you want to enhance your look to be elegant, cool or casual depends on the styling of the Total Look.


Another type of shoes that cannot be talked about is high-heels Which, when paired with jeans, is sure to instantly create a sleek look. The most popular jeans style paired with high heels are skinny jeans. straight leg jeans and boot cut jeans Skinny jeans are perfect for showing off the sleek look of high heels. Straight-leg jeans are a classic and versatile choice. You can wear it with sandals or heels. Boot cut jeans are slightly flared at the bottom. Ideal for creating a balanced shape when wearing high heels.