Thai fruits are used as medicines.

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Thai fruits are more useful than you think. Professor Netnapis Thananiwetkul from ยูฟ่าเบท the Institute of Nutrition Research Mahidol University explains that vitamins and minerals that our body receives from eating fruits every day. is like a lubricant that makes engines or processes of the body can function normally

In addition, all Thai fruits are rich in dietary fiber and many important phytochemicals. With anti-oxidant properties or anti-oxidant (Antioxidant) helps strengthen the body’s immune system to always be strong. It also helps to slow down aging as well.

Our country is a very fortunate country. There are many kinds of fruits to choose from almost every season from every region. This does not include the Chinese apples. california red grapes and all imported fruits

when we have more options Many people therefore forget about. Thai national fruits in the backyard such as star fruit, pomegranate, gooseberry, gooseberry. Even though these fruits have medicinal properties that we can treat various illnesses.  

Thai fruit… medicine close to the body

In the book titled Herbs and Thai fruits by Arichorn Pongsawai, it talks about the benefits of Thai fruits in terms of traditional Thai medicine. At present, it has been scientifically proven. That chemicals in different parts of fruit has real medicinal properties Z

1. Starfruit ( Starfruit)

In addition to the unusual beauty of the shape. in terms of nutritional value Ripe gooseberries are also rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, phosphorus and calcium, helping to treat scurvy. as a laxative for constipation It can help drive phlegm. in herbs We can use parts of star fruit to treat the following diseases

  • Result, squeeze only drinking water. It will help relieve sore throat, flu, relieve urinary stones. drives stones in the urinary tract, helps reduce heat in Helps get rid of dandruff. Star fruit juice is also great for removing stains on hands, clothes, and other utensils.
  • The leaves are boiled, mixed with water, eaten to cure fever, diuretic, menstrual, or if crushed thoroughly and apply on the skin, it will help reduce inflammation, bruising, swelling, rashes, ringworm and chickenpox.
  • The root is effective as a cold medicine. Boiled with water to help extinguish hot poisoning. Relieve headaches, joint pain in the body, burning pain in the stomach. Resolve diarrhea. The star fruit flowers are commonly used to boil drinking water. Helps to detoxify and drive parasites.
  • Skin treatment formula from star fruit Treatment of eczema, chickenpox and rashes. Parts used: Star fruit leaves and flowers. How to use: Pound fresh leaves, young shoots or flowers thoroughly, then mask the wound.

2. Pomelo ( Pomelo)

Grapefruit contains high pectin, so it has the ability to help reduce cholesterol in the blood. It also contains monoterpenes that help to catch carcinogens. In addition, pomelo has another special feature. Is to help drive wind in the stomach and intestines. Helps to have an appetite as well

  • Leaves Fresh leaves are pounded finely and grilled over a warm fire. Can be use to cover the area that is painful, swollen or has a headache.
  • fruit peel fruit peel of grapefruit There are many essential oils. Used as a carminative, expectorant, flatulence, chest tightness, cough. And can be used to ignite mosquitoes Or if the grapefruit peel is mixed with honey and then steamed to eat every morning and evening. It can help relieve symptoms of asthma.
  • The seeds of pomelo have properties. Helps nourish the stomach, reduce pain and swelling of the skin. It can also help reduce the amount of phlegm in the throat.
  • The result helps appetite. If eating grapefruit flesh after a meal will Helps the digestive system work more efficiently
  • Medicine formula from grapefruit to treat abscess. Part used: mature peel of grapefruit. How to use: Pound the mature peel thoroughly. Used to mask the abscess area 2-3 times a day, the abscess head will fall off.
  • Medicine formula from pomelo to cure dyspepsia part used: mature peel of grapefruit;  how to use : use the peel to dry in the sun, then use 10 grams to boil together with 10 grams of dried larvae, chicken stomach leaves 1 15 grams of fresh cabbage leaves, 1 teaspoon of dry yeast powder, take after a meal It will help reduce flatulence due to indigestion.

3. Gooseberry ( Star Gooseberry)

It is a local fruit that gives a sour and astringent taste. The fruit contains high calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A and vitamin C. It has the effect of helping to heal wounds and is used as a diuretic. Cure bronchitis In young shoots there is phosphorus. Helps in sweating and stimulates appetite The roots of gooseberries are quite high in tannins. They are used to cure fever, asthma and headache. The gooseberry can also be used to treat various symptoms. have the following

  • Treatment, cure itching, part used, gooseberry root, how to use, boil about 1 kg of gooseberry root with 10 liters of water to boil, leave to warm, take a bath or use gooseberry root with water to wash rice, apply 2-3 times a day, symptoms will improve.
  • Treatment of smoking cessation pills Part used Gooseberry essence How to use Take the gooseberry essence and slice it into 3 palm-sized pieces. Boil with 1 glass of water for 5 minutes. Drink the whole glass. Consecutively for 1 week will help you to quit smoking.
  • Treatment for headache. Part used leaves. How to use. Boil a handful of old leaves with stalks with rock sugar to boil for 5-10 minutes and then drink. It can help reduce headaches due to high blood pressure.

4. Mangosteen ( Mangosteen)

It is a fruit whose flesh has a sour, sweet, mellow taste and is regarded as the queen of all fruits. because there are secondary petals attached to the terminal like a queen’s crown Both in the mangosteen shell also contain tannins. and contains mangostin (Mangostin), which has the ability to kill bacteria that cause pus up to 7-14 percent

In terms of herbs, mangosteen peel has properties to treat skin diseases. And it is popular to be extracted to make soap, cream, facial mask, and medicine to treat acne and blemishes as well. 

Also different parts Mangosteen can also be used as a medicine as follows.

  • Treatment of blisters, eczema, ringworm. The part used. Dried mangosteen peel. How to use . Use the dried mangosteen peel of the fruit with lime juice to get a thick purulent drug. Apply to the wound area 2-3 times a day. The symptoms will improve. Or use 1-2 dried mangosteen peels boiled with 1 liter of water to wash the wound 3-4 times a day as well.
  • Treatment of ulcers in the mouth. The part used. Mangosteen peel. How to use . Bring to a boil, use as a gargle. It has the effect of killing bacteria and anti-fungals in the mouth.
  • Treat and cure foot ulcers. The part used. Dried mangosteen peel. How to use . Mangosteen peel that has been dried in the sun to rain with water to achieve concentration. Apply to the affected area 3-4 times a day to help the wound dry faster.
  • Treatment of diarrhea, chronic diarrhea, dysentery, bloody mucus, the part used: dried peel of the old fruit, how to use: use 1 dried mangosteen peel, boil with water for 5 – 10 minutes, take 1 tablespoon every 4 hours or use half dried mangosteen peel. charred the fire Grind into powder, dissolve in half a glass of water, eat every 2 hours, symptoms will abate.