Nutrients to nourish nails to be naturally beautiful and healthy.

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Many people are trying to find ways to make their nails strong and healthy. Because of having strong nails It is often an indicator of overall health. Especially when it comes to getting the right amount of nutrients. And consuming healthy foods can nourish the health of our nails. Therefore, if our nails are weak, brittle, slow to grow, or not strong It would be a good idea to switch to foods that nourish nails.

Our nails are just like any other part. In the body that needs nutritious food to help grow healthy. If we lack nutrients Lack of vitamins or minerals or lack of protein Our nails are often the first part of our body to show symptoms.

Vitamin B helps brighten nails.
Eating foods that contain B vitamins can help with dull, damaged nails. Because vitamin B is a source of nutrients use to create folate that helps nourish nails to be bright. and has a reddish-pink color, like healthy nails Sources of B vitamins that help nourish nails are brown rice, dark green leafy vegetables, spinach, coarse rice, and legumes, etc.

Keratin helps strengthen nails.
The problem of nails breaking easily is a problem that many girls encounter and creates quite a bit of frustration. Because if the nails are not strong When you have long nails Nails will be torn and not beautiful. Eating foods that contain keratin into the body will help strengthen the nails. Makes it possible to grow long nails without any problems. Foods with a high amount of keratin such as pork, chicken, fish, eggs, and beans are consider to be able to help increase keratin very well. Report by ทางเข้า ufabet

Iron makes the nail surface smooth.
The roughness of the nail surface may be seen as something unimportant, but for girls, the roughness of the nail surface makes them feel insecure. Rough nails are cause by a lack of iron in the body. This causes no cells to be create to replace dead nail cells. Therefore, eating foods that contain iron will make your nails smooth, such as spinach, red meat, fish, chicken, egg yolks, etc. And to increase the efficiency of iron absorption, you should eat foods that contain vitamin C along with it.

Zinc helps prevent nails from blooming.
The presence of white spots on the nails. In addition making your nails look unattractive it also indicates that the nail lacks zinc, causing white spots to appear. Therefore, for the beauty of the nails. Should choose foods that contain zinc, such as seafood, legumes, garlic, tubers, and whole grains. Which should be eaten regularly and eaten more during the period when white spots occur. It will help reduce and prevent nail growth very well.

Fatty acids help make nails tough
Nails are torn or peel from the nail be. Causes wounds to the nail area causing pain. If such symptoms occur You should eat fatty acids to help add protein to the nail bed. Makes nails tough and flexible. Does not tear from the nail be Foods with a high amount of fatty acids include tuna, flaxseed oil, avocados, and almonds, etc.